Buyers Advocacy


Buying a new home or property is one of the most exciting but potentially stressful events in a lot of people’s life. It is also one of the biggest investments most people will make which is a key reason for the stress. 

· Am I paying too much for this property?

· Will my asset appreciate over time?

· Should I buy in this suburb or somewhere else?

· What’s involved in getting to settlement?

· How do I know if the property has problems?

Our Buyer Advocacy service can answer all of these questions for you. 

Premium Service 

All inclusive service where we will be with you through every step of the process.

Market Review

· Initial meeting to identify your specific requirements

· Market scan and analysis

· Property qualification and short list

· Report of all potential properties

Property Selection and Negotiation

· Accompanied inspection of preferred properties

· Contract Negotiation

Pre-Settlement Services

· We will work with your building and pest inspector (or we can recommend one)

· We will work with your solicitor (or we can recommend one)

· We can attend the pre-settlement inspection with you

· We can even pick up the keys for you

Auction Service

· Initial meeting to discuss your requirements and discuss strategy

· Potential to try and purchase prior to auction

· Attend auction and bid on your behalf using our tried and tested auction strategies

Report and Negotiate

For when you have found your dream property, but you want help with securing it. Service includes:

· Property review and report, including purchase strategy

· Negotiate with sales agent

· We can also provide any pre-settlement services you require


Buyer Advocacy Fees

Premium Service

 $1,000 up front engagement fee (deducted from success fee) 

1% of purchase cost success fee, payable at settlement (Minimum of $7,000)

Auction Service

$1,000 paid upfront 

Report and Negotiate Service

 $1,000 to $2,000 depending on services required