Our buyers advocacy team is one of the original buyers agencies in South-East Queensland.

Having helped buyers to negotiate & purchase multi-million dollar properties, investments & family homes.

It is understandable that buying a property can be daunting for some, therefore having a buyer's agency guiding you will eliminate the stressful process. By engaging our buyer's agents, they will assist in ensuring that the purchase decision will positively impact you for a long-standing period. 

There is a standard and effective process that we will follow in order to fulfil optimal results. 

1. We determine and understand your property goals

2. We assist in formulating a plan for your buying objectives

3. Information is regularly gathered and provided to keep you up to date with the process

4. Once properties are found that correspond with your plan, our buyer's agents view the property to determine if it will fit 

5. We then only show you properties that we believe suit your plan 

6. If you decide the property is right for you, we will negotiate the property on your behalf 

One of the most daunting experiences for buyers is bidding at auction. Auctions are an emotionally charged way of purchasing a property. It is very easy to get caught up in the bidding war and end up paying over your budget. Our buyers agents are very experienced in auctions. We employ strategies that help to ensure you win the property and don't pay over your budget or the true value of the property. 

We believe in being totally transparent regarding our fees, which is why we are happy to provide them below. We are confident that you will easily recoup the cost of our services through our ability to find you the right property, negotiate the best deal and save you time and stress through the search and negotiation period.